Redeveloping West Bengal’s Remote Southern Coast

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Technology is Here to Stay In the year 2013, the group took the initiative of entering the ever-growing Indian infrastructure industry. The company tied up with Mackintosh Burn Limited for its very first work of dredging and excavation of the BagjolaKhal in North 24 Parganas, West Bengal. It was in the year 2014 when

How We Manage Large Construction Projects

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The 4 Stages of Our Construction Project Management When we're managing a construction job there are certain objectives we consider. We reach them in stages. Just like in any project, we accomplish it by breaking it down. The following are four steps we take to organize a successful construction project management project. Design

Future proofing a modern home

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We make your home “smarter” A fast-growing trend is home renovation with smart technology. Through smart technology, homeowners can control such things as lighting, heating and AC, locks, home surveillance systems, and even appliances remotely via a smartphone or tablet computer. An Internet search for terms such as “smart home” will yield lots of